Drum-Tech-Roland TD-50DP

Drum-Tech-Roland TD-50DP

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High-end e-drum set with the Roland TD-50 (upgraded) sound module for at home, the studio, or on stage. With new Blue Oyster Finish.


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High-end e-drum set with the Roland TD-50 (upgraded) sound module for at home, the studio, or on stage. With new Blue Oyster Finish.

The new drum-tec pro custom series inspires with luxurious shell-designs - a set you have to get to know.
The Roland TD-50 sound module comes with the drum-tec Live Sound Edition and Real Snare Sample package. So you get first-class sets, especially for live use. Exclusively at drum-tec!

      • The drum-tec pro series is a proprietary design with acoustic-sized shells and the result from our combined experiences as e-drum professionals.
      • Made in Germany. The entire series is assembled by hand to meet our incredibly high quality demands. 
      • Our shells have been specifically designed for our trigger technology and are manufactured to our exact specifications. All required components have been built in laser-controlled precision work right here in Germany.
      • The drum-tec pro series supports high-end features like position-sensing as complete dual-triggering on the toms. Naturally we also support the Pearl Mimic Pro.
      • The bass drum is equipped with a low-noise trigger-system that provides an authentic playing feel with minimal noise development.
      • The drum-tec custom series comes with drum-tec real feel mesh heads! They are incredibly authentic to play on, have the best trigger support and are extremely durable.

The drum-tec pro series will fit you like a glove: It is not just a perfectly built e-drum set. The pro series also feels like the big drum-set it is with the dimensions, stage-presence and visual appeal of an acoustic set.


Components of the drum-tec pro Custom Stage Blue Oyster with the Roland TD-50DP incl. TD-50X Upgrade

        • 1 x drum-tec pro custom 22"x16" Bass Drum Blue Oyster
      • 1 x drum-tec pro custom 10"x08" Tom Tom Blue Oyster
      • 1 x drum-tec pro custom 12"x09" Tom Tom Blue Oyster
      • 1 x drum-tec pro custom 14"x14" Floor Tom with feet Blue Oyster
      • 1 x Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare
      • 1 x Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module (upgraded)
      • 1 x Roland CY-18DR Ride Cymbal
      • 1 x Roland CY-14C-T Crash Cymbal
      • 1 x Roland CY-16R-T Crash Cymbal
      • 1 x Roland VH-13-BK HiHat
      • 1 x SS-99 Snare Stand
      • 1 x HS-921 HiHat-Stand
      • 1 x Cymbal Stand
      • 2 x Platform stand with cymbal and tom mount
      • 1 x stand with module holding plate
      • includes all necessary cables
      • no bass drum pedal included



      • Each of our handmade "Made in Germany" e-drum pads have been subjected to a strict quality control. Only perfect pads are leaving our house!
      • full 5 year warranty on all drum-tec pro custom pads
      • full 3 year warranty on all Roland items


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