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Open-circuit voltage (v): 33.06
Short-circuit current (A): 13.53
Dimension (mm): 1,564 x 1,144 x 40
Weight (kg): 20.5
Number of Cells: 96
Cell Material: Monocrystalline Si, PERC
Connector Types: Geniune CM4 (acc. to EN 62852)
Nominal Power (Wp): 360
Nominal Voltage (V): 27.85
Nominal Current (A): 12.92
System Voltage (V): 1,000
For 1-21 pcs: Same shipping price for any qty up to 21pcs
For 22 pcs (1 Palette): Discount of €2/pc for 1 full Pallet (22pcs)

LEO L62S360 PREMIUM-360W (Monocrystalline HE Tec) is provided with 96 cells (HC), Monocrystalline (Si, PERC), 1,564 x 1,144 x 40 mm. Black frame, and White EVA.



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Producer: Aleo Solar GmbH


LEO L62S360 PREMIUM-360W (Monocrystalline HE Tec) is provided with 96 cells (HC), Monocrystalline (Si, PERC), 1,564 x 1,144 x 40 mm. Black frame, and White EVA. 25 years Warranty.

It is certified to withstand 8,100Pa module pressure load and 3,600Pa suction pressure load and 40 mm Hailstones (Hail-Class 4), producing 100% green electricity. It is transportable in a vertical position for safety purpose up to 22pcs (full pallet) and up to 1,144 pcs (52 pallets or 20 ft container).

It is designed and manufactured according to rigid environmental standards for the production of 100 % green electricity, lasting decades. It is also certified to perform in coastal areas (salt-mist), deserts (dust) and farmland (ammonia). System Certifications according to: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 50001:2018 and DIN ISO 45001:2018.



      • Fire Resistance: C class
      • Protection Against Electric Shock: II
      • IEC 61215:2021, IEC 61730:2016, including IEC 62804 (PID Resistance) and IEC/TS 62782:2016 (Dynamic mechanical load testing)
      • IEC 62716 – Ammonia Resistance
      • LeTID Resistance
      • IEC 61701 – Salt mist Resistance
      • IEC 60068-2-68:1994 - Sand- and Dust test
      • Hail resistance class 4 (40 mm hailstones)
      • Snail trail free (AgNP Test).

System Certifications according to:

      • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
      • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
      • DIN EN ISO 50001:2018
      • and DIN ISO 45001:2018


German Enigneering and Manufacturing

Incorporated in 2001, aleo is recognized as one of the most trust-worthy manufacturers of solar panels. We produce all our prod- ucts in our certified production plant in Prenzlau, Germany.







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