SMA Sunny Tripower 10.0 (STP10.0-3AV-40) Inverter

SMA Sunny Tripower 10.0 (STP10.0-3AV-40) Inverter

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AC Nominal Output (W): 3,000
Max. Output Power (VA): 3,000
DC input voltage range (V): 125-150
Number of MPPT trackers (-): 2
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Dimensions (mm): 460 x 497 x 176
Weight (kg): 20.5
Protection Class (-): 1
Degree of protection (-): IP65

This SMA Sunny Tripower 10.0 (STP10.0-3AV-40) inverter is a three-phase grid feed-in and transfomerless invester provided with Pac,r/Sac, max: 10.0 kW/10.0 kVA.


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Producer: SMA Solar Technology AG


Intelligent and higher yield solar power generation for private homes.

This SMA Sunny Tripower 10.0 (STP10.0-3AV-40) inverter is a three-phase grid feed-in and transfomerless invester. It is provided with Pac,r/Sac, max: 10.0 kW/10.0 kVA, reactive power supply, integrated WLAN and Speedwire/Webconnect communication interface based on Ethernet, including SMA Modbus and SunSpec protocol, integrated webserver, RS 485 and TS4 communication connection, SMA Smart Connected service package, multi-string function, DC SUNCLIX terminal, DC disconnector. The documentation of this inverter is available in all European languages.

The new Sunny Tripower 8.0–10.0 ensures maximum energy yields for private homes. This inverter combines the integrated SMA Smart Connected service with intelligent technology for all ambient conditions. Thanks to its extremely light design, the device can be installed quickly and easily. The Sunny Tripower can be commissioned quickly via smartphone or tablet thanks to its inte- grated web interface. For specific requirements on the roof, such as shading, the TS4-R module optimizers can be added into the system, with all communication and monitoring facilitated through the inverter. Current communication standards make the inverter future-proof, meaning intelligent energy management solutions as well as SMA storage solutions can be flexibly added anytime.


Technical Data and Features

      • MPP-voltage range: 260V bis 800V
      • Max. input voltage: 1,000V
      • Min. input voltage / initial input voltage: 125V/150V
      • Max. input current input A / input B: 20A/12A
      • Rated power (@ 230 V, 50 Hz): 1,000W
      • Max. efficiency / European efficiency: 98,3%/98,0%
      • Operating temperature range: −25°C to +60°C
      • Dimensions (W x H x D): 460 x 497 x 176mm
      • Weight: 20.5kg
      • Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529): IP65
      • Climatic category (according to IEC 60721-3-4): 4K4H
      • Warranty: 5 years


Certificates and approvals (more available upon request)

DEWA, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, IE-EN50438, MEA, NBR16149, NT_Ley20.571, PEA, TR3.2.2.


Certificates and permits (more available upon request)

AS 4777.2, C10/11, CE, CEI 0-21, EN 50438, G59/3-4, G83/2-1, DIN EN 62109 / IEC 62109, NEN-EN50438, ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001-4-712 & TOR D4, PPC, PPDS, RD1699, SI4777, TR3.2.1, UTE C15-712, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126-1-1, VFR 2014.


Maximum energy yields for private homes

Thanks to its integrated web interface for easy commissioning via a smartphone or tablet and SMA Smart Connected service, this inverter offers true ease and comfort for PV system operators and installers.


Quick and easy to install

Weighing only 17 kg, this three-phase Sunny Tripower can be installed quickly while taking up minimal space. The Sunny Tripower can be commissioned quickly via smartphone or tablet thanks to its integrated web interface.

      • One-person installation due to low weight of 20.5 kg
      • Compact design means minimum space requirements
      • 100% plug and play installation


Intelligent optimization of energy yield

Established product features and integrated software solutions will provide yield optimization throughout the system's entire service life. Even in shading. SMA ShadeFix is a proprietary inverter software that optimizes energy yield in nearly every situation. SMA Smart Connected inverter monitoring offers enhanced safety by detecting errors at an early stage and automatically reporting them to the installer.

      • SMA ShadeFix is an integrated software for yield optimization
      • Dynamic active power limitation means direct use of excess energy and less power from the grid
      • Automatic inverter monitoring via SMA Smart Connected
      • System data visualization via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
      • Local visualization via Smart Inverter Screen





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