SMA Sunny Tripower 110-60 CORE 2 Inverters

SMA Sunny Tripower 110-60 CORE 2 Inverters

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AC Nominal Output (W): 110,000
Max. Output Power (VA): 110,000
DC input voltage range (V): 1,100
Number of MPPT trackers (-): 12
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Dimensions (mm): 1,117 x 682 x 363
Weight (kg): 93.5
Protection Class (-): 1
Degree of protection (-): IP66

SMA Sunny Tripower (STP 110-60) CORE 2 PV inverter is a three-phase feed-in, grid feed-in and transformerless with a maximum rated power 110000 W / 110000 VA.


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Producer: SMA Solar Technology AG


A Flexible system design and highest yield inverter thanks to integrated features.

SMA Sunny Tripower (STP 110-60) CORE 2 PV inverter is a three-phase feed-in, grid feed-in and transformerless with a maximum rated power 110000 W / 110000 VA. It is provided with
Ethernet and WLAN communication interface, browser-based setup of country settings, 12 independent MPP trackers, 24 DC inputs, fuseless DC design, DC SUNCLIX terminal, integrated DC load-break switch, AC terminal for copper or aluminum conductors, DC and AC
overvoltage protection type II.

Flexible system design for larger commercial PV systems: The Sunny Tripower CORE2 is the ideal inverter for decentralized system structures up to the megawatt range. With 110 kilowatts, 24 strings and 12 MPP trackers, the Sunny Tripower CORE2 allows for a particularly high solar coverage in ground-mounted PV systems as well as at different roof pitches during the day. The integrated SMA ShadeFix software solution automatically optimizes system performance anytime, even with partially sha-ded modules. The automatic monitoring service SMA Smart Connected also ensures maximum PV system yields by detecting failures as fast as possible.

With the SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 as a central component of the SMA Energy System Business, installers and PV system ope-rators will benefit from the high-quality components from a single source and future-proof options to expand their systems by SMA storage solutions.


Technical information

      • Max. PV array power: 165,000Wp STC
      • Max. PV input voltage: 1,100V
      • MPP input voltage range: 500V to 800V
      • Max. input current per MPP tracker: 26A
      • Rated AC power at nominal voltage: 110,000W
      • Max. AC output current: 159A
      • Feed-in phases / AC connection: 3/3-PE
      • Nominal AC voltage: 400V
      • AC voltage range: 320-460V
      • Degree of protection: IP66
      • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1,117 x 682 x 363mm
      • Weigh: 93,5kg
      • Mounting type: Wall mounting/rack mounting
      • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years.


More flexibility

      • For large rooftop and ground-mounted systems up to the MW range
      • 12 MPP trackers
      • 24 strings with 1100 VDC Sunclix connector


More power

      • 110 kW for standard 400 VAC
      • Fast commissioning without additional DC combiners
      • Peak efficiency of 98.6%


More yield

      • Premium monitoring service for reliable system performance
      • Maximum yields thanks to the integrated software solution SMA ShadeFix


More system integration

      • Flexible and future-proof expansion in the SMA Energy System Business
      • Holistic energy management with ennexOS
      • High IT security


Certificates and approvals (selection)

IEC 62109-1/-2, EN50549-1/-2:2018, VDE-AR-N 4105/4110/4120:2018, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, C10/C11 LV2/MV1:2018, CEI 0-16:2019, AS/ NZS 4777.2, SI 4777, TOR Generator Typ A/B.





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