SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 Battery Inverter

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 Battery Inverter

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AC Nominal Output (W): 6,000
Max. Output Power (VA): 6,000
DC input voltage range (V): 100
Number of MPPT trackers (-): 1
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Dimensions (mm): 535 x 730 x 198
Weight (kg): 26
Protection Class (-): 1
Degree of protection (-): IP65

The SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 is a transformerless AC coupled single-phase battery inverter for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries for grid coupling, with a maximum rated power of 6.0 kW / 6.0 kVA.


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Producer: SMA Solar Technology AG


The first multistring battery inverter - always reliably supplied.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 is a transformerless AC coupled single-phase battery inverter of a maximum rated power of 6.0kW/6.0kVA. It is designed for high voltage lithium-ion batteries for grid coupling with a maximum flexibility through grid coupling for new and existing systems. It is an easy commissioning inverter through integrated web server as well as WLAN and Speedwire / Webconnect communication interface, including Modbus and SunSpec protocol. Secure Power Supply included.

With the SUNNY BOY STORAGE multistring battery inverter, for the first time, up to three different high-voltage batteries can be connected to one battery inverter. To connect larger batteries, three DC inputs can also be connected in parallel. The Sunny Boy Storage has integrated emergency power, which can be switched manually. Furthermore, it can even take over the entire electricity supply of the three line conductors via the optional automatic transfer unit. Thanks to proven AC coupling, the Sunny Boy Storage is ideally suited to new and retrofitted systems. The integrated webserver enables fast and easy commis- sioning, which is also possible via smartphone or laptop. Energy flows in the household are fully transparent thanks to the direct connection to Sunny Portal and Sunny Places.


Technical Data and Main Features

      • Battery type: Li-ion
      • Rated output AC power at nominal voltage: 6,000kWp
      • AC nominal voltage: 230V/172.5V to 264.5V
      • Max. DC Voltage: 600V
      • Max. Input current DC: 10A
      • Power factor at rated power: 1
      • Interfaces: Ethernet/WLAN/CAN/RS485
      • Battery communication: CAN bus
      • Max. efficiency / Euro eta: 97.5 %
      • Operating temperature range: ‒25°C to +60°C
      • Max. permissible value for relative humidity: 100%
      • Degree of protection: IP65
      • Climate category: 4K4H
      • Dimensions: 535 x 730 x 198mm
      • Weight: 26kg
      • Cooling method: Convection
      • Warranty: 5 years


Reliable supply at all times

Systems with the Sunny Boy Storage can be flexibly adapted to individual needs at all time. Whether the family situation changes, perhaps with the purchase of an electric car, which needs charging daily, or with a swimming pool in the garden for pleasure—with the Sunny Boy Storage, storage systems and PV systems can always be designed or expanded to suit specific requirements. The multistring battery inverter is unique, particularly when choosing and connecting different batteries. For a guaranteed electricity supply at any time, the Sunny Boy Storage offers twice as much security.


Suitable for any initial situation


A PV system with a storage system makes the user independent from conventional power generators and rising electricity costs. With the Sunny Boy Storage, this is particularly easy and quick. Whether a new set-up or an existing system, the Sunny Boy Storage can be retrofitted in any existing PV system.



PV system operators always have a reliable supply during power outages. In the event of grid failure, the inverter can be manually switched to the emergency power supply with the integrated Secure Power Supply function. Secure Power Supply supplies a line conductor with nominal device power of up to 3.7 kW from the battery. The optional transfer switch can even take over the household's entire electricity supply of all three line conductors, fully automatically, in the event of grid failure. This means that you will have a reliable energy supply any time of the day and night.



For the first time, the multistring battery inverter offers the option to connect up to three high-voltage batteries made by different manufacturers. The system can therefore be expanded in the future due to rising energy demand without any problems. To connect larger batteries, three separate battery inputs can also be connected in parallel.


Always up and running quickly with modern communications

      • Easy installation
      • Fast commissioning due to integrated web interface
      • Always informed thanks to direct connection to Sunny Portal/Sunny Places
      • Web-based UI: Always up and running quickly with modern communications


Reliable power suppl - even in the event of grid failure

      • Integrated Secure Power Supply provides electricity to individual loads manually from the battery even in the event of a grid failure
      • Optionally with an automatic transfer switch for full power supply to the home from the battery and PV system on all three-line conductors in the event of a grid failure
      • Power in the battery-backup operation of up to 8 kW is sufficient for all standard loads
      • 10-years warranty


Certificates and approvals

C10/11, CEI0-21, EN 50438, EN 50549-1, G 59-3, G 83-2, G 99-1, IEC 62040-1, IEC 62109-1/2, IEC 62477-1, SI 4777, TOR Generator Type A, UTE C 15-712-1, VDE 0124- 100, VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105, VFR 2014.





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