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AC Nominal Output (W): 60,000
Max. Output Power (VA): 60,000
DC input voltage range (V): 180-1,000
Number of MPPT trackers (-): 4
Frequency (Hz): 50
Dimensions (mm): 710 x 885 x 285
Weight (kg): 83
Protection Class (-): 1
Degree of protection (-): IP65

KOSTAL PIKO CI 60 is a 3-phase transformerless inverter, 4 MPP trackers of 60.0 kW AC power. It is provided with MPP working voltage range: 200-960 V, 12 DC inputs, IP 65.


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Producer: KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH


Perfect for commercial and project business.

KOSTAL PIKO CI 60 is a 3-phase transformerless inverter , 4 MPP trackers of 30.0 kW AC power. It is provided with MPP working voltage range: 200-960 V, 12 DC inputs, IP 65, complete communication package as standard, 4-wire AC connection, and overvoltage protection DC / AC type 2.

Optimized for the requirements of larger PV systems, the new PIKO CI (Commercial Inverters) in the performance classes 30, 50 and 60 kW offer numerous options for plant construction in projects. The integrated KOSTAL Smart AC Switch makes external coupling switches redundant and thus saves additional costs. At the same time, the new project inverters offer increased safety and efficiency.


Technical Data

      • Max. PV power (cos φ = 1): 90kWp
      • Rated power: 60kW
      • Max. apparent output power: 60kVA
      • Nominal DC power: 60kW
      • Rated output current: 86.6A
      • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
      • Rated input voltage: 620V
      • Maximum efficiency: 98.3%
      • European efficiency: 98.1%
      • Number of independent MPP trackers: 4
      • Ambient temperature: -20°C ... +60°C
      • Degre of protection: IP65
      • Protection Class: I
      • Dimensions (H x W x D): 710 x 885 x 285mm
      • Weight: 83.0kg
      • Warranty (Smart Warranty / Smart Warranty plus ): 10 (5+5)


Smart Performance

      • Maximum energy yield thanks to high certified efficiency (>98%)
      • In the event of an error, individual strings are shut down to maintain high availability
      • The connected PV strings are monitored in pairs for optimum monitoring and service
      • Integrated, certified grid service functions ensure reliable operation


Smart Connected

      • Simple communication (daisy chain) via dual LAN interface (RJ45) with integrated switch
      • Tried and tested communication via RS485 bus integrated as standard
      • Compatible with many plant controllers and data loggers, so you can use the monitoring system you prefer
      • Trouble-free use in direct marketing thanks integrated feed management
      • Integrated data loggers back system information up at all times


Smart Installation

      • Optimum protection from dust and water for tough outdoor use (protection class IP65)
      • Protection against overvoltage on the AC and DC side type 2
      • Cost-optimised 4-wire AC connection possible possible in symmetrical networks, no neutral wire



EN62109-1, EN62109-2, VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, PO12.2, RD 244:2019, UNE 217001, EN 50549-1 -2, CEI0-16 2019, CEI0-21 2019 >11.08kW, UK G99/1-4 LV, IRR-DCC MV 2015, IEC61727/62116.





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