KBE solar cable 4.0 mm² H1Z2Z2-K RED - 100m (1423761)

KBE solar cable 4.0 mm² H1Z2Z2-K RED - 100m (1423761)

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Length (m): 100
Cross-Section (mm²): 4
Weight (kg): 6
Conducteur: E-Cu tinned, DIN EN 60228, Class 5
Isolation Material: Crosslinked Polyolefin
Jacket Material: Crosslinked Special-Polyolefin
Temperature range (°C): -40 ..+90 (max. 120)
Voltage Rating (VDC): Max. 1,800
Colour: Red

KBE solar cable PV1-F 4.0 mm² (PV) sold by the meter (minimum order 10m) - solar cable DB PV1-F 6 mm² red.


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Producer: KBE Elektrotechnik GmbH


KBE solar cable PV1-F 4.0 mm² (PV) sold by the meter (minimum order 10m) - solar cable DB PV1-F 6 mm² red.

The KBE solar cable 4.0 mm² DB EN 50618 RED is a H1Z2Z2-K / 62930 IEC 131 and EU standard cable made in Germany, provided with Crosslinked special polyolefin, Nominal Voltage of Uo/U DC 1,5/1,5kV, Cu-wire tinned, stranded conductor IEC 60228 Class 5, Isolation cross-linked polyolefine, halogen-free, high-water impermeability, direct burial, UV-resistant, acid- and base-resistant.

KBE solar cable PV1-F is suitable for freely movable and free-hanging use, as well as for fixed installation in photovoltaic systems in accordance with standard provisions. The area of application is intended for indoor, outdoor, industrial as well as commercial and agricultural operations on insulated devices and systems (protection class II). In October 2015 a new European standard for solar cable EN 50618 came into force. This standard has even more demanding requirements than the existing and established TÜV specification TÜV 2 PFG 1169/08.07 (PV1-F), inciting KBE Elektrotechnik to develop and certify the cable KBE Solar DB EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K. KBE Solars new cable takes also into consideration that the requirements for solar cable have increased significantly in recent years.


Cable Key Features

      • Certified in accordance to EN 50618 V (H1Z2Z2-K)
      • Voltage rating 1,500 V (instead of 1,000 V)
      • Direct burial due to high quality insulation materials
      • Higher water resistance and better insulation resistance
      • Higher mechanical stability


Key Technical Data

      • Rated Voltage: 600/1,000 VAC
      • Length: 100m
      • Weight: 6kg
      • Ambient Temperature: -40°C to + 90°C


Insulation material / jacket material

      • Cross-linked special polyolefin
      • 36 Shore D
      • Insulation resistance in a water bath at 90°C> 3GΩ*m
      • Halogen free
      • Weather and UV resistant
      • Resistant to ozone


Temperature range

      • Ambient temperature: -40°C to + 90°C
      • Highest temperature at the conductor 120°C, based on EN60216-1 (20,000 h, 50% residual expansion)


Rated voltage

      • U0 / U = 600/1,000 VAC
      • Max. 1,800 VDC (wire / wire, ungrounded system, no load circuit)



      • KBE internal test according to UL 854
      • (Impact resistance test and crushing resistance test)
      • Installation instructions DIN VDE 50174-1; § 5.2.4 and DIN VDE 50174-1
      • Flame resistance: According to DIN EN 60332-1-2


      • TÜV 2 PfG 1169 / 08.07, R60085683, RoHS 2002/95 / EC


      • 25 years product guarantee





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