Umaisha Biomass-to-Power Project

Umaisha Biomass-to-Power Projects (GEL)

2.1 Umaisha Biomass-to-Power Projects (GEL)

GEL is the first company in Nigeria and in the whole West African Countries that is engaged in the development and implementation of Biomass Power Plants. Nigeria has huge quantity of biomass resources. See table below:



[Million Tons]

Energy Value

Fuel wood 39.100 531.000
Agro-waste 11.244 147.700
Saw dust 1.800 31.433
Municipal Solid Waste 4.075 --


Besides the huge biomass resources available in Nigeria, GEL always has its own biomass production program for its plant for the generation of the required electricity energy capacity. The Project Briefing Memorandum (Provide to pdf document) provides all the required information the contractors, the financial, technical and legal (transaction counsel) advisors, financiers and guarantors, etc. The Project Total investment capital is cca. US$165 million.

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