Business development

While development your business, MDACI involves its evaluation and then the realization of its full potential, using such tools as: marketing, information management (sometimes conflated with knowledge management), and customer service.


MDACI’s business development comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities, which aim at researching new types of business, products, services with an emphasis on identifying gaps (existing and/or expected) in the mitigation of needs of potential clients (existing and/or new ones), attracting new customers, and penetrating new and existing markets. Our Business Development Techniques (BDT) used include:


  • ntelligent gathering on customers and competitors;
  • Generating leads for possible sales;
  • Advising on, drafting and enforcing sales policies and processes;
  • Follow-up sales activity;
  • Formal proposal and presentation management and writing;
  • Pitch and presentation rehearsals;
  • Business model design;
  • Strategic analysis;
  • Account planning and performance monitoring system; and
  • Proposition development and campaign development.


MDACI focuses on helping paper, packaging, and related companies and organizations competing in mature markets identify and implement growth strategies and plans. MDACI's point of difference includes its industry focus and expertise, targeted functional skills, growth orientation and philosophy, and emphasis on personalized customer service and value delivery. The vast majority of our business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals. MDACI believes that building a strong and growing business in mature markets often requires a different set of strategies and tactics to achieve success. Traditional approaches involving price, product development, positioning, and channel development are usually less successful and sometimes counter-productive. Non-traditional development approaches are therefore often required in order to change the basis of competition and develop a competitive advantage. Our industry expertise and ability to evaluate customer needs, industry trends, market changes, competition, emerging technologies, and internal capabilities allows us to identify the most profitable growth options for your business. MDACI is actually expanding its Clientele, while its Partners membership is growing. Contact us for a free consultation and to share ideas on the best ways to grow your business and maximize your success.

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