Market Management Seminars

Market Management Seminars

To enhance the MDACI’s export strategy, we cooperates with assist client companies in the transformation to an organization focused on growth and innovation, management must create a new corporate culture, identify and develop new capabilities, and establish new business priorities. Working closely with the senior management team, MDACI can help facilitate this process by a) providing an outside perspective and resource to facilitate the change process, b) helping to identify and establish new methods and priorities that support innovation and growth practices and, c) identifying and developing specific growth opportunities. Typical services offered to facilitate this change process include:


  • Personalized in-house seminars focused on encouraging/developing growth and innovation within the organization;
  • Presentations at company meetings focused on specific aspects of growth and innovation;
  • In-house workshops and work sessions designed to identify/develop growth opportunities;
  • A tailor-made in-house program can be provided based on your specific needs. Please call for details.
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