Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

In low growth markets, the most successful suppliers are those that a) understand market/customer requirements, b) are fully capable of meeting current/emerging needs, and c) offer competitive advantages in those areas most important to target customers. From the customer's perspective, buyers must develop strong relationships with the most capable suppliers and establish systems that ensure that the overall supply chain minimizes cost while maximizing quality and performance. MDACI's broad/in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of paper/packaging supply/value chains within each segment means that we can help both buyers and sellers create the most efficient and effective supply chain systems. Supplier Services. Specific services that help suppliers of packaging materials maximize value within the overall supply chain include:


  • Buyer Needs Identification. Based on targeted customer and market research, we can help you identify emerging and unmet customer/buyer needs that may not be apparent based on your existing customer contacts.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys. These ongoing/periodic surveys will help you assess your relative performance in meeting customer needs and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Competitive Assessments. Success in a given market or customer segment is often dependent on your competitive position relative to major competitors on key dimensions that are important to your target customers. By knowing how you rate relative to competition, you can identify the most critical areas for improvement and how to most effectively leverage your strengths.
  • End User Market Assessments. Targeted research of your customer's markets can help you identify key business trends and changing market requirements. With this information, you can better anticipate changing requirements and develop better products and services.
  • Customer Growth Opportunities. By evaluating your customer's business, internal processes, and overall product supply chain, improved/new products and services can be developed that would better meet customer needs and provide a competitive advantage.
  • Lost Business Analysis. These targeted assessments will help you identify reasons for lost business and identify corrective actions.
  • Buyer Services. Specific services that help buyers of packaging materials maximize value in the overall supply chain include:
  • Total supply chain costs. A dynamic cost model can be developed that identifies the major cost components and the factors that drive changes in these cost elements. This helps clients better understand the impact on total packaging costs of a wide range of factors including product design changes, increased service requirements, cost reduction opportunities, and price changes of individual cost components such as the base paper/paperboard, raw materials, energy, labor, exchange rates, etc.
  • Supplier assessments. This service involves the identification and assessment of potential suppliers relative to specific criteria to ensure that the best overall supplier is selected for a given material. With this information, suppliers are able to better align themselves with suppliers that are most likely to meet short and long-term sourcing requirements.
  • Supply market dynamics and forecasts. This involves the identification and analysis of key market/supply dynamics and trends. With this information, better decisions can be made relative to sourcing alternatives, product and service alternatives, contract requirements, and material options.
  • Price benchmarking. This service includes the tracking of current, historic, and forecasted price analyses by major grade or selected packaging material to determine market price levels and price movements over time. This information helps clients understand price drivers and the relationship of their actual prices to market averages and historic levels.
  • Packaging material assessments and identification of alternatives. This involves an independent assessment of package material performance throughout the supply chain including performance in the manufacturing operation, during transit, and at the customer/retail location. With this information, clients can identify the optimal package designs and material contents that minimize costs while maximizing product and service performance.
  • Cost reduction opportunities. Based on our analyses of your overall packaging procurement process, we can identify the best opportunities for cost reductions within the overall supply chain.
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