Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

In some cases, a well conceived merger, acquisition, or strategic alliance may offer a company the best overall opportunity for growth. In other cases, the most critical need is to withdraw from non-strategic markets or dispose of non-performing assets. Regardless of the indicated action, MDACI can provide the outside support needed to identify and assess the different strategic options, quantify the associated risks and opportunities, assess the relative growth potential, and provide an independent recommendation. MDACI is not part of an engineering or information services company and therefore can provide you with unbiased opinions and recommendations. This is important when a critical investment decision needs to be made or an acquisition is being considered. The significance of these transactions almost always warrants an independent assessment of a particular issue to ensure that the best possible decision is made and all the risks and opportunities are identified. These services are typically provided to outside investors or industry participants considering an acquisition. Depending on the specific need, a wide range of expertise can be provided that includes market analyses, technical reviews, risk assessments, and valuation estimates. Following is a list of the primary services provided in the past:


  • Joint-Venture Formation and Analysis;
  • Acquisition Support;
  • Due Diligence Studies;
  • Fatal Flaw Analyses;
  • Business and Asset Valuations;
  • Strategic Alliance Targets;
  • Capital investment Assessments;
  • Expert Witness Testimony
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