What can MDA Capital Invest do for you?

MDA Capital invest, a.s. helps you unlock your advertising needs, connects to the global business community and drive value for your investment. MDA Capital Invest has already secured an international wide market through Africa, Asia and South America for its own Partner’s Products.


At MDA Capital invest, a.s. you can do the following:

  • creating a comprehensive profile for our Partners;
  • creating unlimited products catalog with picture;
  • securing a stable international market for your products;
  • uploading your company video;
  • sending offers to multiple genuine purchasers;
  • organizing international trade shows for your products.
  • Etc...

What is the difference between MDA Capital Invest, a.s., B2B, Google, Bing and Yahoo?


Yes there is a big difference, Google, Bing and Yahoo are all general Search Engines, and general Search Engines are overused and becoming less effective and less detailed.

MDA Capital Invest, a.s. has a business development company, an investment company/investor. MDA Capital Invest, a.s. has already acquired proven investment opportunities in the fields of energy, power, oil & gas, agriculture, transportation & logistics, etc… to a tune of more than US$ 50 billion Nigeria only. This investment capital has been demonstrated and proven by GAZELLE ENERGY LIMITED and BGL Private Equity Limited/BGL Group, the biggest investment bank in Nigeria.

MDA Capital Invest, a.s. always carry out a physical due process on every prospective member before being accepted and genuinely accepted as a full member of the our company.


How do I become a member of MDA Capital Invest, a.s.?


To become a member of MDA Capital Invest, a.s., just follow these steps:


  • Click on the Register link at the top of the page (Home page)
  • Fill out the registration form and submit it. Before, registering please click on the terms and conditions of membership;
  • Our Company will perform a 5-working day due process on your company. After a successful due process, you be physically contacted by our administration to finalize to registration and yearly membership payment fee, which is different price for small, medium and large companies. You will be provided a verification code delivered via e-mail. Please follow the instructions to activate your membership;
  • To access your area, click on the sign in link at the top of the page (Home Page);
  • Start your trade activities, Send your electronic catalogues to or via post to our headquarters in Prague.


After making the payment when will our account upgraded?


After making payment, your account will be immediately upgraded within 24 hours.


What is the Payment method?


The payment method shall be carried out as follow:


  • Signature of the Membership contract;
  • Invoice;
  • Payment shall performed to the indicated company’s bank account on the invoice;
  • After confirmation of your payment by our bank, you will be provided with a code to activate your membership.


What shall we do after becoming a member of MDA Capital invest, a.s.?

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