Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

MDACI’s Infrastructure Services are basic physical and strategic structures developed for the operation of a society, business, and economy to function sustainably and efficiently. It can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide framework supporting an entire structure of development.


When talking about MDACI’s Infrastructure Services, we lay emphasis on the technical structure that support the design and development of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, including other sectors, such as waste water treatment and supply, sewers, roads, transportation systems and technologies, telecommunications, health centers, energy and agriculture, etc.


MDACI’s always point at the most important physical components of interrelated systems providing essential services, which enable, sustain, or enhance societal living conditions.


Our process, during the development of some of turnkey projects, includes the followings:


Site Survey: The site survey includes detailed line survey, route maps, spotting of towers and marking of locations, measurement of distance between towers, longitudinal profiles, etc. 


Soil Investigation: We investigate the soil as an essential part of project executions. The process includes, deforestation, soil leveling, mobilization and shifting of all equipment, taking samples, standard penetration tests, laboratory tests, geotechnical analyses and reports, delivery of samples and reports, etc.


Access Roads: consisting of roads connecting the Project to highways, is an important part of development phase. A strategic choice of access roads reduces implementation, operation and operation costs. The site deforestation, which consists of grass and tree cutting, is carried pursuant to government rules and regulations for transportation of materials and equipment at tower locations.


Tower Design: MDACI’s Experts shall carry out advanced design development for various types of towers. During design, they process as follow: a) preparation of sag tension charts, b) tower loadings, c) analysis, designing and optimization of weights and other related tests.


Foundations: MDSCI’s experts undertake the projects foundations designs pursuant to the requirements of soil properties, formwork, concreting, reinforcement, corrosion protection, earthing (in the case of generation, transmission and distribution facilities), foundation testing, etc.

Tower Testing: Our Experts always conduct Dull Load and Destruction tests of all types of towers.


Tower Manufacturing: During the manufacturing of towers, our Experts shall construct and hot dip-galvanize the towers.


Mobilization of Manpower and Equipment: MDACI’s professionals also carry out Mobilization of Manpower and Equipment required at site. They are always capable of mobilizing excavators, rock drilling machines, rollers, pilot wires, vehicles, walkie-talkie sets, tower erection tools, mobile cranes, tension stringing equipment, substation, etc.


Testing and Commissioning: The successful completion of a project is marked by efficient Testing, Commissioning and Handing over to MDACI’s clients. MDACI’s Experts Test and Commission transmission lines, which include pre-commissioning checks, tests and charging of the line.

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