Dispatched Control

Dispatched Control

The MDACI’s Dispatch Control Center follows a purpose, which is to control and/or to apply control principles in order to achieve Power Systems Security, Operation and Management Targets in a desired way. The purpose as such is to manage the systems (Power Generation Facility) or networks (Distribution and Transmission) outside the Control Center entity and defines their mission. The Dispatch Control Center has three major business functions: system configuration, electric energy dispatching and trading.

MDACI’s Dispatch Control center is generally based on a control loop that consists of:

  • Sensors,
  • Actuators,
  • Controllers,
  • Communications. 


These entities together form a feedback loop, which allows detecting changes on the affected target as a response to actions aimed for affect the target. The efficiency and effectiveness of this feedback loop depends on the quality of information generated and processed and the processing delays.


NOTE: The same system can be applied for other facilities such as: Refinery, Gas Plants, Steel Plant, and Telecommunication Network, etc.

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