Export Solutions

Export Solutions

Export is not an easy task for everyone to handle. Your export expert, NDACI is committed to helping you solve export issues related to demanding retailers, overworked distributors, and limited funds for marketing investment that create a tough environment for international development. MDACI’s goal is to make life a little easier for exporters and export managers. How?


MDACI has developed its own export projects of more than US50 billions for ECOWAS countries only (by BGL Private Equity/BGL PLC ). These export projects consist of power and energy, infrastructure and related technologies. The portfolio of the other sectors of MDACI’s business activities is being developed in the Company’s recent Projects for the second quarter of 2012. The projected values for the rest of African, South American and the Middle East will be three times higher for this year 2012. 


MDACI has already developed the aforementioned markets, compiling al the strategies and techniques (cooperating with local commercial authorities, international organization, and prime importers) about export, for your business growth. We always assist our partnership membership with strategies and suggestions for building their brands and increasing their sales in overseas markets, while providing our clients with smart tips that add strong values and growth to their business.


We will save you time and money by applying the following ten smart tips for export success:

  1.  Good news travels fast and bad news travels slowly; 
  2. If you want to know what’s really going on, spend a day visiting stores;
  3. Pick up the phone and call a friend or business partner versus email;
  4. Be positive. Think, “why not?”;
  5. Results are directly proportionate to your investment: Marketing, People, Focus, Time;
  6.  A distributor (or Broker) “respects” what the Brand owner “inspects”;
  7. Shipment numbers rarely lie;
  8. Put it in writing;
  9. If two people agree on the principle of a deal, you can usually work out the financial terms;
  10. There is more in common with industry practices across the globe than differences. Brand owners everywhere desire more shelf presence and retailers demand more discounts. Recognize the differences, but focus on the universal requirement for superior products, marketed at a fair price.
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