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MDACI helps you get the most advanced and sophisticated, technologies, products and businesses to buy at low cost with full satisfactory delivery and necessary guarantees and follow and support after sale. With MDACI, you do not need to conduct searches for qualified sellers to find excellent products to buy. We provide you successful acquisitions solutions that grow your businesses within the shortest required time. When you do not have capital to develop your business, MDACI will provide you investment capital to develop, organize, structure and manage your business or project. How?


  • We help MDACI’s clients (business owners) sell their “hidden” businesses or their businesses that are not "listed" as for sale. MDACI’s experts uncover the best "hidden" targets, qualify them, value them, and help close the deal in our developed new market in Africa, Middle East, and South Africa.
  • MDACI will save you time and burden to acquire quality products and businesses, by understanding your own acquisition and purchase criteria and targeting only those businesses that meet your criteria.
  • Our research studies in most of the African countries have shown that more than 45% of the African business owners are more concerned about cheap products than quality products and business. MDACI’s researchers also found out that 99.5% of African Businesses average lifecycle is 10 years maximum due to inadequate and unprofessional acquisition or purchase of products. MDACI is more concerned, for the business growth of its clients, about advanced and sophisticated products designed for manufacturability, maintainability at low cost without sacrificing quality. This is what we call a profitable, sustainable and long life business. 
  • MDACI organizes Free Consultations and Seminars for its clients and members, in which MDACI helps them find solutions on:
    - how to design products for manufacturability, lean production, assembly, flexibility, time-to-market, quality, and reliability;
    - how to implement a revolutionary business model with evolutionary self-supporting steps. Instead of managing complex supply chains, we show how to simplify supply chains to the point where parts can be spontaneously resupplied without forecasts or purchase orders. Instead of wrestling with all the problems of inventory, "on-demand lean production" can build products spontaneously without any finished-goods inventory. This and several other cost reduction strategies (Cost Reduction by Design, Overhead Cost Reduction, Standardization Cost Reduction, Supply Chain Management Cost Reduction, Quality Cost Reduction without sacrificing the overall product quality, and Total Cost measurement to Support All Cost Reduction activities) allow significant reductions in total cost. The same production facilities can build-to-order a wide variety of standard products and mass-customize products for niche markets or individual customers. 
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