Sale Solutions

Sale Solutions

We offer Free Exit Planning & Valuations for Business Owners, from manufacturers to technical services providers, thinking of selling their business in new markets. We offer you business development services that get you:


  •  a strategy on how fast the business would sell before expiration date;
  •  methods to get the highest income from a business sale through export;
  • what solutions to get your business "in shape" to increase its value.


We want to be your prime advisor when you want to sell your business immediately, efficiently, with a maximum income possible in our newly developed international markets in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. We will be prepared to sell your business when you are ready, willing and able to sell it.


We provide fully integrated advisory services providing top-notch dealmakers, consisting of sales and financial experts, for each of our registered clients. Our attention to the details is the hallmark of our success in selling our clients' businesses.


We, at MDACI, believe that a successful business sale or and purchase requires experienced participants and a sense of positive gain to both the seller and purchaser. We provide comprehensive assistance before, during, and after the sale or purchase, assuring our clients (buyers and sellers) the greatest possible opportunity for financial success.


MDACI is established to provide you top notch Business Developers and Financial Planners, making sure that your international business operation portfolio, and financial life goals are met efficiently.

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