G-EDC is an Environmental Development Company, composed of international environmental experts. G-EDC works with all sectors of society throughout Africa to protect and manage natural resources and to promote sustainable development.


G-EDC facilitates community action by raising awareness, motivating and empowering people to protect and restore their environment and improve their livelihoods. G-EDC focuses on the followings to achieve its mission and vision toward a sustainable development of the environment:


Sustainable Development – “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future, 1987). 


Holistic Approach – The environment is shaped by geography and biophysical factors, the social, economic and by political actions and policies. G-EDC takes a holistic approach to environmental management and recognizes that actions must address all these factors. G-EDC is engaged in eradicating issues such as poverty alleviation, gender equality, youth, social justice and HIV/AIDS.


Building Coalitions – Coalitions are vital for effective advocacy and campaigns, raising awareness on key issues and influencing policy. G-EDC builds and strengthens coalitions to add impact to its work.


People, are the key to Conservation – G-EDC believes that the only way to effectively restore, protect, conserve and manage the environment is by working with people, building partnerships and mobilizing action. Ethical values and a sense of spirit are essential for sustainability.


Passion for Progress – The sheer scale and complexity of global poverty and environmental challenges can leave people feeling depressed and hopeless. G-EDC’s staff is energized by the challenges and has a passion to strive for progress.  

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