GEL is an Energy and Power Business Development and Investments Management Company, with an Energy Project portfolio of more than US$ 50billion, assessed by BGL Private Equity Limited/BGL PLC.

THE GAZELLE INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED (GISL) is a general partner for GEL in the development and implementation Energy and Power Projects. The Czech Export Bank, a.s. (CEB) is GEL Financial Partner in Energy and Power development and implementation, providing Equity Fund through export credit with Czech Energy and Power Companies, for instance VITKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING, a.s. (VPE) with more than 160 years in the field of Energy and Power turnkey supply.

CMEC has also joined GEL under the same financial and implementation concept as VPE, and in partnership with the Chinese Export & and Import Bank.


GEL has one objective: “Investing with Energy and Power”


GEL focuses mainly on investments in energy and power futures and stocks of its energy resources and power facilities. GEL develops and owns the biggest energy and power portfolio in Nigeria. Our energy and power business activities are being expanded to the other parts of West and Central Africa.

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