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MDACI runs an international Educational and Vocational Training Programs to train the Youth of all level of skill and Partners’ employees in MDACI’s operating countries located in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. These programs constitute part of MDACI’s technical and economic development support for the aforementioned developing countries. We have learnt that for a sustainable operation our investment Projects, it is necessary to implement a program of transfer of Know-How from developed Countries (Europe and America) to the Developing Countries (Africa, South America, and the Middle East). MDACI cooperates with the concerned governments and interested companies to organize the requalification of the selected groups of youth or employees for specific courses.

The objectives of the scheme are to enhance employability of our recent graduates and people in the labor market by adding professional social and language skills, as well as an international dimension to their CV. The opportunity of living in a foreign culture has proved invaluable in making participants more open-minded and culturally aware.

Browse for our Educational and Vocational Training courses for the improvement of your skills, the progress of your career as well as for a particular job you want to be trained.
It is obvious that the type of work experience provided is mainly in the multi-professional sector and will depend upon pre-existing language skills, professional or educational background and type of career of interest.
Admission requirements:
The MDACI training program is designed for unskillful and skillful people. However, you are requested to prove your level of Czech language and/or English or other foreign language depending on the language of instruction of your course/study program. In some cases, you are also requested to take additional qualifying courses even pass admission tests for a suitable course to your career.

For your admission application, the following documents are required:
• Curriculum Vitae;
• Filled-in application form for the selected training course. This form can be usually downloaded from MDACI website or even fill-in electronically;
• An attested copy of your higher education level;
• Medical Certificate – complete medical checkup (HIV-AIDS, others, etc.);
• Recommendation Letter;
• Police Criminal Report Sheet.

There are three (3) Levels and each level takes 6 months of intensive training. 8 hours of training (theory at classrooms and practice at workshops) are organized per day. The courses are more focused on practical skill at workshop. The skill of the trainee shall be at the EU Standards. The three (3) levels are:

a) Level 1: Basic level: EUR 15,851.76
b) Level 2: Advanced level: EUR 19,039.10
c) Level 3: Professional/Expert level: EUR 20,200.20

The Total Fee includes: 
• Visa Fee;
• Air tickets;
• Medical test recertification;
• Health Insurance;
• Property Damage Insurance;
• Accommodation);
• Working material (Safety equipment, tools, Books, etc.);
• Breakfast;
• Lunch;
• Dinner;
• Sports & Recreational Excursion (visits of Museum & Touristic attractions);

1. Our training courses are combined with psychological courses.
2. MDACI Provide follow-and-support program to all the trainees i.e. We will help them get a suitable employment to their profession in their own country. MDACI will work in cooperation with the governments, international organization, financial institutions and banks and the private sector to create jobs for the Trainees. MDACI will make sure that a job will be available for each trainee before the end of his training.

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