• Rooftop Solar Plants of a maximum installed capacity of 1MWh per Roof

14 x (100-1000) kWh Rooftop Solar Plants




Customer Services

Project Mission, Vision and Values

Our primary mission is to ensure 24/7 power supply to every single business operating within the EFTZ using the highest-quality services, while our vision is to make EFTZ the best and most advanced Free Trade Zone in Nigeria, making us the most valued Power Supplier in Nigeria. Wihtout electricity, no business can be operated successfully.


High-Quality Services

Customer Services (Technical and Billing)

Our Customer Services Department is committed to providing your the best and highest-quality services and solutions before, during and after your connection to XENERGI's electric power network within the EFTZ. It operates 24/7 to make that electricity is uninterruptedly and satisfactorily supplied to your businesses in the EFTZ.

Project Bankable Development for financeable EPCM

The Development is simultaneously carried out with the complete designs (architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural) of the ICT Market. The designs shall be advanced, stylish and trendy in accordance with the EU and International standards. It is not possible to develop the Rooftop Solar Systems separately. View the Solar Power Plant Equipment and Accessories.


Document Number  Document Name / Size Download Remarks / Notes
XEN-0001-01 Certificate of Registration (541 KB) XENERGI Certificate of Registration This Certificate of Registration show that XENERGI is a duly registered and existing Company under the Laws of Nigeria  
XEN-0001-02 Form CAC2A - Distribution of Shares (673 KB) FORM CAC2A  Shares of the Company's initial and actual shareholders
XEN-0001-03 Form CAC7 - Particulars of Directors (1.20 MB) FORM CAC7  Particulars of the Company's initial and actual shareholders
XEN-0001-04  Memorandum and Articles of Association (966 KB) Memorandum and Articiles of Association The Company legal statement signed by the shareholders, declaring the business portfolios, objectives and manners of external affairs
XEN-0001-05  Shareholding Structure of Xenergi (80 KB) Shareholding Structure The Sharholders shall secure the Equity Contribution of 15% of the Total Investment Capital and all related bank charges.
XEN-0001-06 Profile of the Project Company - XENERGI (1.10 MB) Xenergi Business Profile XENERGI's Profile (including Power and related businesses) - it ownes and operates its own Gas Processing Plant in Ebendo.
XEN-0002-01 Certificate of Occupancy-with EFTZ's TDP (1.20 MB) XENERGI Certificate of Registration This Enpower Energy's land of 403.562 ha is used for the construction of Enpower Free Trade Zone, including the 10.2 IGCC Power Plant.  
XEN-0002-02 Land Use of the Enpower Free Trade Zone (202 KB) FORM CAC2A ENPOWER ENERGY LIMITED is licensed by the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA) under Enpower Free Trade Zone Company (EFTZMC) to develop, build, own and operate the EFTZ.
XEN-0002-03 Construction Site TDP and Coordinates (663 KB) FORM CAC7 The land area required for the contruction of the 10.2MWh IGCC Power Plant is 1.6 ha from the Total land of 55.65 ha. There is a provision of expanding this plant up to 60 MWh on 35.30 ha. The Remaining will used for green fuel production, as an alternative fuel supply, if neccessary.




  • Application for Electricity Connection Agreement

    Use this Form to apply for electricity connection to XENERGI embedded power generation. Always fill the parts that concern your needs (low, medium or high voltage connection). Also use it to apply for changes (merger or division of connection point, ...).
  • Online Electricity Connection Agreement

    The agreement between the Occupier/Owner and XENERGI LTD (owner and operator of the EFTZ embedded power generation network). It sets out the connection terms and conditions. All you need to do is to fill it in, sign it, and send it online to XENERGI.
  • Online Associated Electricity Supply Services Agreement

    The agreement of the related services to the Connections Agreement between XENERGI LTD and each owner / occupier with the zone. This agreement states the terms and conditions for the provision of services by XENERGI to the tenant.





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