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MDA CAPITAL INVEST, a.s. (MDACI) is an EU Joint Stock Investment and Export Company, duly registered in Prague, Czech Republic and whose primary business activity is to promote and encourage the  business  to business actions of Europe (European union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and UK), supporting the business expansion of the European small and medium Companies through trade (transfer of know-how and technologies and equipment), investment franchises, project development, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) towards Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. We, at MDACI, believe that a strong and lasting partnership must be built through the following four principles: 1) Common Bond i.e. same vision and mission; 2) two-way value; 3) ongoing communication; and 4) relationship management.

Our prime EU and International financial partners are always ready, willing and able to support the development and expansion of your businesses for a sustainable growth.

MDACI has its own EXPORT & TRADE Promotion Center with:

  • own Trimestrial Export and Trade Magazine on business ecport, trade and investment between EU Countries, Switzerland, UK and partner states in the Subsaharan Africa, Middle-East, Asia and South America ; and
  • own trade fair called EU-Sub Saharan Trade Fair, to be located in Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria. The trade fair operate as: 1) all year round (12months/year) B2B market and 2) a yearly Machinery Trade Fair and 3) a yearly Agricultural Mechanization Trade Fair. 

MDACI’s main business activities include:

  • Energy (chemical and petroleum processing plants, including renewable energy, and mining);
  • Electric Power (generation, transmission and distribution) Facilities;
  • Infrastructure (real estate, transport & Logistics, Transportation Systems and ITC, security, etc.);
  • Health (Hospitals, Medical Technologies, Cosmetics, etc.);
  • Agriculture (Agricultural Technologies, equipment and tools, including food processing plants and breweries); and
  • Educational Services (Vocational Education & Trainings – VET).
  • Etc.
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