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Export, Import and Trade

This is our International Trade Market, where you access to all our international tenders and meet your partners (buyers, sellers, traders, financiers and guarantors etc.) from other countries and continents – This market is100% secured and guaranteed

International Grants & Funding

MDACI is always here to promote, support and encourage your export, trade and investment businesses by developing for you valuable information, contacts and guides to grow and expand your business...


We, at MDACI, believe that the main key of the success of any project is the quality of planning, vision, know-how, business relationship, realization team, who shall undertake the implementation for existing demand or defined concrete market, which can be transformed into growing income or money. The essence is not the amount of invested money or funds in a project because money is just a necessary "facilitator" of the implementation of the Project. MDACI is always here to advice you how you can properly invest your money into well planned and well structured investment (fixed) assets to increase its value. For this purpose, it is first necessary that our technical, financial, economic and legal team of experts shall demonstrate the bankability of the investment project through accurate development studies for the provision of Funds under Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Crowd funding or Export Credit of 85-100% of the Total Investment Capital (TIC) by MDACI Financial Consortium.

However, these goals are becoming more and more difficult, even for investors who do not dare to take bold speculations. Therefore, with the minimum possible seed capital, MDACI Financial Consortium is always ready to provide the aforementioned financial support, which shall be reimbursable
within a period of 5-10 years at fixed interest rate of 5% p.a.

Being prudent is never a waste of time and with MDACI your money is always well invested!


MDA CAPITAL INVEST, a.s. (MDACI) is an EU and Czech Joint Stock Investment, Export, Trading, and International Project Development Company, whose primary business activity is to promote and encourage the business to business actions of Europe (European union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and UK), supporting the business expansion of the European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through trade (transfer of know-how and technologies and equipment), investment franchises, project development, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) towards Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.
We, at MDACI, believe that a strong and lasting partnership must be built through the following four principles: 1) Common Bond i.e. same vision and mission; 2) two-way value; 3) ongoing communication; and 4) relationship management.

MDACI is also engaged in the business of developing, building and managing Portfolio Investment Assets (PIAs) such as International EU trade fairs, free trade zones, industrial parks, shopping centres, real estates, etc. in the Sub-Saharan Africa emerging market, including Asia, South America, and the Middle-East for individual, corporate and institutional investors



  • Defining Goals and Expectations
  • Proposal for investment strategy and portfolio
  • Mediation of subsequent purchases of financial instruments
  • Continuous consultations, recommendations and their implementation


  • Project assessments, capital structure and industrial strategies
  • Establishing company structures
  • Services relating to mergers, acquisitions and sales of businesses
  • Organizing public purchases
  • Securities immobilisation
  • Services related to the investment portfolio to the extent that it is for private clients


  • Deposit and purchase of securities;
  • Getting access to EU funds and other available funds;
  • Getting access to export credits from EU Export Banks and Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporations
  • Bankable Project Development
  • National and International Bid Organization for investment, engineering, procurement, contraction, training and operations managements


From the EU, EEA, Switzerland and the UK, we export the following products from the EU market to Sub-Saharan
Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East with a warranty of 2-5 years and at the highest quality and lowest cost possible.

Energy & Electric Power

Complete delivery of Electric Power (generation, transmission and distribution) Project from development to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and Operation Management.

Agriculture & Food Industry

Our African subsidiary, MDA AGRIMECHATEQ LTD, an EU Consortium of advanced agricultural technologies, equipment and tools manufacturers, is here to help our clients develop the implement of their agricultural mechanization.

Transport Systems

While delivering our locomotives, wagon, (city, intercity, long distance/coach) buses, tramways, etc., we provide 2-5 years warranty and secure 100% after sales service (spare parts and maintenance service at your doorstep).

Water Treatment Plants

We deliver the complete water treatment projects (anaerobic wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants, potable water treatment plant) and related technologies and equipment, including canalization

Real Estates

MDACI and its EU Consortium undertake the development, construction and operation Management of residential, retail/commercial and industrial properties, including industrial parks and free trade zones. City planning and security are also our field of expertise.

Training & Education

We offer a wide range of vocational education and training courses and university and college studies in the field of engineering, economics, financial and medical studies, etc. in the European Union, Switzerland, EEA and UK.

Health Care

When talking about health, medical technologies and equipment, think about MDACI. Our products, prices and services are very competitive and unbeatable in the international market. We always lay emphasis on high quality of products and services at low cost.

Refurbishment & Upgrading

MDACI’s export activities include redesign, development, refurbishing and upgrading of residential, commercial and industrial properties and facilities, supplying the most modern technologies, equipment and BAT to fully satisfy our client’s needs.

MDA CAPITAL INVEST, a.s. (MDACI) is your EU and International partner for Import, Export, Trading, and International Business Development and Investment.


Investment Opportunities

These are our investment portfolio, where you can successfully invest and generate sustainable known incomes, which are always evaluated by our financial and economic team under a project study, before you invest. Eligible Individual and corporate investors shall be given a financial support of 85-100% of the Total Investment Capital (TIC) by MDACI Financial Consortium for the acquisition, implementation and operations management of their investment assets.

Mandatory Public Information

Here you can find information that an investment firm is required to publish pursuant to Section 99, §1 of Decree No 163/2014 of the Czech Republic



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